Timothy Baptista ’99

Tim will always be remembered for his vivacious and magnetic personality, devotion to his family,
strong commitment to his friends, and loyalty to his Alma Mater, Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory.

Upcoming Events 


Annual Golf Tourney
Monday, August 28, 2013

Every August, golfers and golf-enthusiasts hit the green for a fun day of golf and BBQ. The 2013 Tournament will be held on Wednesday, August 28, 2013 at Crystal Springs Golf Course. For more information, please contact Rick and Colleen at 650.589.4419, you can also click here to  sign-up.


 Crab Dinner
Saturday, February 23, 2014

We continue to fund Tim’s Scholarship with events.  Please keep checking this website for more information. Let Colleen know if you would like to help out with anything, you can call her at 650.589.4419 or email her at colleen@timbaptista.org


If you have a fun idea for a fundraiser please don’t keep it to yourself. Give Colleen a call at 650-589-4419.  Let’s make the idea come to life.

Click here to see what is happening at Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep.





Onelegacy float at the
2010 Rose Bowl Parade


Tim was one of 77 organ donors honored on the Onelegacy float at the 2010 Rose Bowl Parade.

For more information about this amazing experience, visit Colleen’s blog Forget Me Not.

In June of 2009, Tim’s heart recipient Bob Johnson passed away. Bob worked very hard with the Mended Hearts group helping other heart recipients with their difficult journey. Bob had 8 wonderful healthy years thanks to organ donation. Our prayers and thoughts are with Cora Johnson and her family.


California Transplant Donor Network

We are very proud that Tim donated 5 organs and saved 4 lives.

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