2012 Sponsors

Here is a list of the sponsors for this years tournament.  We wish to thank all of them and let them know we could not have done this without their help.


Diamond Sponsorship

Rick, Colleen and Katie Baptista

Cora Johnson

YRC Freight

AM/PM Logistics



Gold Sponsorship

Nor-Cal Moving


Silver Sponsorship

Lorraine Baptista

The Gunther Family

Lou and Antoinette Ciapponi

Greg Schleicher

Bronze Sponsorship

Dave Hepler

George and Sue Lynch

Rene & Louise Courpet

Dave & Lou’s Service

Cottrell’s Moving & Storage Co.

Tony Ribera

The Grealish Family

Jeff Sweeney & Jim Linford

John and Bonnie Sauter

Palmisano Delivery Service

Mr & Mrs Ron Isola


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