About the Fund

People were always drawn to Tim Baptista, son of Rick and Colleen and older brother of Katie. He was gregarious, smart, athletic, and responsible. Growing up in a large, tight-knit extended- family, Tim enjoyed people and learned to look out for others. Throughout high school and college, Tim worked hard to keep himself healthy, including weight training and physical fitness.

On the evening of May 6, 2001, Tim was badly injured in a fall while attending a twenty-first birthday party in Santa Barbara, where he was attending college. The situation was very serious, and Tim’s family rushed to the hospital to be with Tim. Shortly after their arrival, they realized that Tim would not survive his traumatic head injuries. With Tim being sustained only through the aid of machines, doctors approached the family and asked them to consider donating his organs, which were healthy and functioning well. Although the decision was a painful one, the family decided to consent. From the Middle East to Los Angeles, five of Tim’s organs were successfully donated to help four people live full lives.

The Baptista family was so taken with the experience that they wanted to find more ways to contribute. Since then Colleen Baptista has become a leading advocate and key speaker for the California Transplant Donor Network (CTDN), which facilitates organ/tissue donations and transplants.

Shortly after Tim’s accident, Rick Baptista and George Lynch created the Tim Baptista ’99 Endowed Scholarship Fund at Tim’s high school Alma Mater, Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory (SHCP) in San Francisco. Every year since Tim’s passing, the Baptista and Lynch families hold two fundraisers—a golf tournament and a cioppino dinner—to ensure a full scholarship fund and, more importantly, to honor Tim, who has become a son to many. Their tireless efforts have contributed more than $400,000 to Tim’s endowed scholarship fund.

The Tim Baptista Memorial Scholarship is awarded to an incoming SHCP senior who fulfills the following criteria: maintains at least a 3.0 GPA, plays a sport or is active in a club, is a true leader among his or her peers, and has an outgoing personality.

In addition to the Tim Baptista ’99 Endowed Scholarship Fund, the funds raised through the Tim Baptista Memorial Fund have provided for the Timothy Baptista ’99 Strength Training Area in the SHCP Fitness Center, which was dedicated in October 2006. The space contains top-of-the line selectorized weight machines and free weights. It is used every day by the young men and women of SHCP.


SHCP Tim Baptista '99 Strength Training Area

SHCP Tim Baptista ’99 Strength Training Area


Tim’s memory remains vibrant through the work of Tim’s family and friends. Every year, more people learn about Tim’s life and the impact he is making today through the SHCP Tim Baptista ’99 Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund and the California Transplant Donor Network.

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SHCP Tim Baptista ’99 Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Funds raised through the Annual Tim Baptista Golf Tournament and Cioppino benefit this growing scholarship fund. Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory is a Catholic co-ed high school located in the heart of  San Francisco.

California Transplant Donor Network

A portion of the funds raised through the Annual Tim Baptista Cioppino Dinner are directed to the California Transplant Donor Network. The CDTN’s mission  is to save and improve lives through organ and tissue donation for transplantation.